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30 Minutes Session

Quick and easy, if you've already got a CV that just needs a bit of a re-vamp, Send it over to me, I will review it and give you pointers on improvement. 

How it works: 

1. Send over your CV (at least a day before our scheduled call) 

2. I will review and give you pointers on improvement. 

3. In our call, we will discuss these pointers & I will help you put them in practice. 


1 Hour Session

It is often that people find interviews a cause for concern, anxiety levels go up & we worry of how we'll present ourselves, whether the interviewer will like us enough to get the job or not. 

In this hour, we will spend some time, researching a company, go through some of the questions which are commonly asked and talk about ways in which they can be answered. 

I will share my tricks of how I prepare so that I am relaxed and calm  during interviews. 


2 x 30 Minutes & 1 x 1 Hour Sessions

If you don't have a CV or your CV is out of date and you would like to re-build it, I will help you with putting together the content, shaping it and putting it into a professional design. 

How it works: 

1. We will meet for a 30 minute consultation about your career so far, what is your experience, discuss your opportunities and what you would like to do. 

2. You will then put together all of your experience to date in a word document and send it to me. 

3. I will review the information & send it back with feedback and guidance on how to turn it into CV type format. 

4. We will meet for another hour to put the information together into a Presentable CV Format. 

5. Once the CV is complete, we will meet again for a 30 minute debrief where I will guide you on how to select the appropriate roles & adapt your CV to different job application. 


2 months program

This is a 2 month program, wholistic prgram where we will work together to find a suitable role for your skills. 

How it will work: 

1. We will dedicate the first week to build your CV in a way that it represents you best. 

2. We will then spend a week or two filling out applications and distributing the CV. Getting in contact with agencies and scheduling interviews. 

3. In week three and four we will have dedicated 1 hour sessions to deep dive into the interview process, look at commonly asked questions and go through your potential answers. 

4. During the whole six week period, we will hold de-briefing sessions at any point after interviews. 

5. And during week 6 we will look into your exiting steps from your current employer. 


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